Fowl Pox..UGH!!

bobby d

9 Years
Mar 10, 2010
Texas it looks like I have some birds with fowl pox. Should I vaccinate? The ones that are affected are my 5 mo olds, the older ones are fine. Do you just keep an eye on them and let it run it's course?
It will run it's course in about a month. Use a little straight betadine/iodine on the wounds (if they are mean looking) to help them dry out and heal up. If you live in an area where pox is a problem then you may want to vaccinate. Dry pox is a nuisance and looks awful, but not that big a deal. You should familiarize yourself with signs of wet pox so you know what to look for, just in case. Wet pox is much more dangerous.

Good luck.
I'm not sure where you live in Texas, but i know that fowl pox outside of Conroe gets pretty bad, specifically. I have some friends who live there, and it seems like everyone in that area gets a run of fowl pox about once a year, and it is sometimes deadly. You can definitely vaccinate, even the sick ones to shorten the life cycle of the virus.

Here's a link to what my friend did.
Ahhh..thank you so much!!
I'm going to read up on it more for sure. Punkinpeep I'm in Orange, TX, I see that you are in southeast TX as well!! So nice to know that I have a backyards buddy in my backyard
I read up on the link that you sent and we're not as bad as that poor person was however it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to vaccinate.

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