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Jul 31, 2020
I'm going to be vaccinating my flock this upcoming week against fowl pox. I have a few I believe already have it. Research says it is not too late to vaccinate those not showing symptoms. But the instructions say not to vaccinate hens within 4 weeks of laying. My flock is mixed ages... I have 2 laying, about 4 close, then the rest are grow outs. Can someone tell me why I should vaccinate those laying or close to laying? What are the risks? I don't know if those showing signs of laying will be laying in the next 2 weeks or more than 4 weeks. Can I vaccinate them, then just not eat any eggs they do start laying until the 4 weeks has passed? Or is there a bigger risk to vaccinating laying hens? I appreciate any advice 😊 thank you! 💕


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May 16, 2014
I believe it is just because the vaccine can affect egg laying in that it can decrease their production temporarily. From what I understand it is still safe to eat the eggs, humans can not get fowl pox. The advice on the label is more for production egg laying outfits and not the hobby chicken owner. 😊
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