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    I have 10 backyard chicks 2 weeks old still in the brooder, here in Georgia. Half were vaccinated for Marek's at the hatchery, and 5 are from a farm nearby who does not vaccinate. A friend of mine who is a more experienced chicken owner asked me if I was going to vaccinate for fowl pox. I had to read about it...and watched a video on Youtube to see how relatively easy it is to do. Is this necessary? There are other vaccines from Murray McMurray that are available, for respiratory diseases. I am not going to show my chickens, and do not plan to add more, so do any of you vaccinate more than Mareks?

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    To answer your question, no I do not vaccinate. I made the choice not to after speaking with our local agricultural extension agent who told me that Marek's is not a big issue in my area.
    I feed medicated feed (to combat coccidiosis) to my brooder raised chicks, but not broody raised ones who should gain immunity through contact with the adult birds droppings.

    ETA: You should be able to find the phone # for your local ag. extension office in the phone book, in the gov't section.
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