Fowl Pox?


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Jun 9, 2020
Hello everyone! One of my young RIR girls, Barbara, seems to have come down with what I believe to be dry fowl pox. I have four pet hens total, and they're free range 24/7 (only locked away after dark, when they roost in the coop). I've been away for business, and today I returned and found her comb and wattles looking like the photos attached below. The other three hens don't show signs of infection, and Barbara is not acting any differently than usual. She's still active, eating and drinking, and has gone about her normal daily routine. She even sprinted to be first in line for fresh corn and watermelon earlier today. No feathers missing, dull plumage, etc.

Is this indeed fowl pox, or am I dealing with something else? What can I do for her, if anything, to keep her and the others well and comfortable?


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