Fowl, what music!

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    Well my young pea boys were not doing well the other nite when I checked them, so brought them in.

    My five guineas got out yesterday and for first time in their first blizzard, they decided to be on their own overnight. I was actually trying to move them to the chicken coop, but they were averse to being caught. Didnt have much hope for their survival with the temps actual temp getting down to minus 10 or so last night with 30 and more gusts of wind, four foot drifts and snow everywhere.

    Today my pea's started going nuts, I figured they must hear the guineas as I had them housed together and they are very attached. I opened the main door and told em "call em in". Sure enuff the guineas started appearing...all five made it thru the night, but are shivering and have ice on their feet. I was able to catch two so far and have them in the front entryway.

    They are talking up a storm to each other, the peas are howling and the guineas squawking. My lil 3 1/2 year old granddaughter is a trip, not used to birds, and is staying with us this week.

    She asked "WHAT kind of music IS that?" [​IMG] Out of the mouths of babes. I told her it was sweet music, since I was afraid they were not around anymore to make it and am just happy they are alive.
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    How cute! I am so glad the boys made it throught the night to sing their sweet songs for you and your granddaughter!!!

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