fowlpox & resp infect, Speckles eyes swollen comp shut

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    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Ok I am having a heck of a time getting my flock healthy again. They have fowlpox, some have resp infect, and I found a red mite on one :( What I am doing is I cleaned house yesterday,sevin dusted, shake n' baked them with it too. They are on antibiotics. Now, Speckles one of my banties eyes have the fowlpox sores so bad on both eyes her eyes are swollen shut! She is one that has a resp infect too so the bubbles in her eyes mat them shut as well. I wrap her in a towl for comfort, and wash them every morning, afternoon & evening with warm water and a q-tip, then apply neosporin. I can manage to get her a itty bitty peep hole in one eye and she is put back in pen.She drinks and eats fine when she can see. ( thats her at the water in pic) Her resp infect seems better. My question is probably obvious : what more can I do? Am I doing something I should not? I love her so much and want to help as much as possible. P.s. she is the bottom of peckin' order, but they are not pickin' on her ( yet )

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    There's not much else you can do. Keep applying neosporin in her eyes to prevent secondary infections. The fowl pox will eventually go away in time. As long as she's eating and drinking normally, everything will work out for you.
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    Thank you Dawg you have been such a help through all this :hugs. Speckles seems better tonight. I have her by her self in run so she can scrath and eat in peace, then I am going to bring her in house tonight. My others are now pickin' comb pox on her since she cannot see good and is slow. She also has the pox all over her head. I did get the iodine ( not in eyes) around the places she is having the most "pox". I am off work tull monday so hopefully she will fell better. Oh yeah she now has one peep hole on both eyes where it was only one eye. Thank you!
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    Keeping the eye from sealing shut can help prevent sight loss. I have one silkie with limited vision from pox in the eyes. Found where another has it now. The breda are only getting it on the wattles. Seems the ones with litte to no wattles or combs are getting it worse in the faces and beaks and sometimes legs.
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    Welasharon, now that you mention it she has very little of a comb so that makes since. Im not sure what breed she is other then she is speckled with feathered feet and a banty. However she is a doll very willing to let me clean her eyes and even put the ointment in her eyes. We have her in a med sized pen that I fashioned with a sturdy perch for her to roost on and its in the house all dry and warm. She has clean water and scrambled eggs to eat. In the
    Morningng after I clean her eyes I will put her in the run by herself so she can get some fresh airfor as long as she is up to it. Bless her heart she wants to scatch around for food but can barley see it, she is managing though. Good news I have not seen anything in mouth and as far back as I can see , this making me feel better its drypox and not wetpox :celebrate

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    Speckles feels soooo much better, Thank you all for helpingus through our scare. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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