Fox attack, one hen badly hurt. **pictures - graphic!** *update*


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May 27, 2008
Last night, around midnight, a fox managed to get into the coop somehow, and took a bites from a few chickens, one just has a small hole and i've put antiseptic on it.

A second (dog) has a large bite on her back, and the fox has managed to tear her underneath the vent, but what has worried me most about this chicken is she laid an egg via this new hole, she wont touch her food, but ive seen her take a little water, i've separated her and put some antiseptic on both wounds, yet she isnt looking good and likes to sleep alot.
Dog is around 2 years old, lays every day and lives with 5 other hens all her age, we've had no problem with her at all since we got her at 16 weeks,

Any help would be great, what can i give her extra? and foods i can feed her that would help? Anything?

P.s. My mothers a doctor, so i can get any medical dressings ect... if they are required.

Pictures below:



This is the new hole


The bite mark on her back


Dog looking very bad
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May 18, 2010
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it sounds like the bite by the vent went into the cloaca (sp) if she was able to lay an egg out of that hole...If your willing to spend the money I'd suggest taking her to a vet or you said your mom's a doctor or does she work at a doctor's office? Anyway have your mom look at it and see if she can sew that incision up.

Electrolytes in the water #1, and go to TSC or somewhere and get some antibiotics to give her. I'd try 1/2 a cc a day...Keep both areas clean, try putting some iodine on the areas as well. But really if she's able to lay an egg out the hole by the vent, if you dont have that sutured up, she'll get an infection and possibly if she doesnt and it heals, her back end and vent can scar up badly and she may be likely to become egg bound in the future, and most often if a chicken becomes egg bound once it becomes a common occurance...

the sooner you can have it check out and a more experienced opinion the better. But that bottom hole worries me alot.

good luck and I hope all is well


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Dec 19, 2007
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Sorry to hear this happened. We're dealing with a fox ourselves. I don't really have any info to offer except for some get well wishes to your girls


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Mar 10, 2008
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I would put her on an antibiotic, amoxicillian etc.... I can't tell from the pics, but is it truely a second hole, or was the skin below the vent just ripped open? If it is ripped a second hole, I would clean it with saline and suture it closed, or close with skin glue. She is probably still in shock. But her in a dark, quite place, one- to help with shock, two - to help stop her laying cycle. Up her protien level, scrambled eggs, mushy dog food etc.. Often mushy wet food helps tempt them to eat. Give supportive care and see how she does. Best Wishes


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May 27, 2008
Her condition has just deteriorated over the last day, every time she drinks it just comes back up and dribbles out her mouth, shes stopped eating anything at all now, and isn't even walking about alot anymore


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Apr 8, 2008
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poor baby! so sorry this has happened. I would just put her down if she is getting worse, hate for her to suffer any more.

Maybe look into getting a Great Pyrenees? Mine have saved my chickens numerous times.... a skunk and a fox that I saw with my own eyes, and probably more during the night that I don't know about. There is also a resident hawk on our property that we see all the time, but I've never lost a single chicken.


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Aug 8, 2008
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Have you done anything for her? Antibiotics, cleaning, nutrition support?
With that sort of severe injury- you need to act fast- she is likely septic and is in great pain. If you can't take her to a vet- or get your Doctor mom directly involved immediately, I would end her life humanely now. She needed antibiotics, pain meds, fluids (crop feeding), and the wound cleaned and probably partially closed right after it happened. If someone experienced determines that her GI tract is perforated, not just her reproductive tract- this is likely a battle that can't be won, even if it was addressed right after it happened.
Sorry for the doom and gloom, but this is a bad situation.


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