Fox attack this morning; 2 hens and my beautiful...


9 Years
Nov 25, 2010
Buckeye rooster injured. My one Easter Egger has a few puncture wounds and a lot of feathers missing but she's in good shape otherwise. Soaked her and scrubbed her wounds in an iodine bath and packed the punctures with Neosporin. One of my Buckeye hen's wounds are a little more severe and she's in shock, however, I think with medical attention she'll recover. My rooster has no injuries that I can tell other than he cannot lift his head. He stands fine and is as feisty as he can be under the circumstances but I'm worried that it's an injury that he won't be able to recover from. I would think if his neck were broken he would not be able to stand or put up a fight? My rooster and the one hen are currently in a cage in my laundry room. Being kept warm and quiet. My Easter Egger is currently in the brooder which is kept secured in one of our outbuildings. Thoughts?

My son will be bringing his compound bow up this weekend; hoping to put an end to Mr. or Mrs. Fox's dreams of an all you can eat buffet.

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