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    Mar 22, 2016
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    Earlier this week a fox got into my garden and attacked my chickens, who were free ranging at the time. Luckily the hens were safe but my young rooster was being mauled by the fox as I got there and chased it away. The rooster lost a bit of blood and a lot of feathers and had a large wound on his back under the wing. I moved him in the house and have been washing his back regularly with antiseptic liquid and it seems to have scabbed over. Its been four days so now I am worried about possible infection. The area looks such a mess with bits of broken feathers and so on, and the little guy won't hold still very long to have a proper look. He can walk fine so I don't think anything is broken and he is eating and drinking well.

    What I would like to ask anyone is what would an infected wound on a chicken look like? I'm not sure what to look for to be honest. I would hate to lose him now after he survived the attack.

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    I'm so sorry that happened! I don't have experience with that kind of wound in chickens, but I do know that for horses and people, unusual warmth can be a sign of infection. Does the area around the wound feel hotter than the rest of his body? Can you tell if it appears swollen at all? Any bad smell or sign of oozing, pus?
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