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    Dec 4, 2014
    Good Morning to the Backyard Chicken Community,
    Yesterday my chicken's had the unfortunate visit of a fox, and while most of them are okay, he got 3 and injured 1.
    Anyway, my silkie chicken who was injured received a wound by her rump, the bleeding has stopped and she survived the night.

    However, she can't seem to walk (and stumbles if she tries) and won't touch her water or food. Not to mention that she appears almost immobile with the occasional outbursts of energy.
    I'm not sure what to do as this is the first time a fox has managed to get into the coop.
    Anyway, any advice would be most appreciated ^^
    Have a lovely day,

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    Sorry about your hens... your little Silkie needs to drink. Sav-a-chik or sugar water in a dropper if needs be, a little every hour or so. She is likely still shocky, so keep her in a quiet, warm area for now. Offer her some high protein treats for now - crunched up mealworms, a little cat food etc.
    Hens are very resilient, did the fox damage her vent area at all?
    Also - fix that coop - the fox will be back .....
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  3. Flock In Texas

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    Aug 7, 2016
    Put a trap out. You can even use your chicken as bait with the right trap. Approaching your chicken lands them in an adjacent cage, so your chicken is still safe.
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    Feb 18, 2016
    What makes you think this was a fox? Did you see it?
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    Good Questions^^^

    Breach implies it broke into some curious where it coop, in run, while free ranging???

    She's probably in a bit of shock, spine could be bruised or damaged...time will tell.
    If wound is a deep puncture, keep a very close eye on it...might even want to flush with saline and syringe.
    If an open wound, treat like a human wound, make sure it stays clean, dry, and treat with topical antibiotic ointment(without pain reliever)to keep skin supple.
    Might want to start separate thread in injury forum with pics of wound.

    ETA just realized it's been 6 days since OP,
    @FeatheryFriend5 must not really want to discuss if they haven't been back for replies or to update.
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