Fox Brought me a Squirrel??


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Dec 21, 2011
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My Coop
We have had a fox hunt our chickens occasionally for the past few months and it took 15 just last week. We finally put up an electric fence and it has greatly helped with our problem. Today, we came inside the house, and 20 minutes later when we went out we found that there was half of a squirrel just left right on our front steps. I'm not sure if it was a fox, but I'm curious as to why there would be only half a squirrel left behind (the back end) and the other end gone. Is the fox calling a truce? If anyone has any thoughts or insight, please let me know!
Sounds more like u have a cat thats bringing u presents. I have had pet cats who would bring back half ate critters. Not fun when ur chillin on the couch and ur kitty jumps on ur lap and drops a birds head on ur lap.

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