Fox or racoon or??

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  1. what would 'eat' off the head and then into side breast to
    intestines/stomach area??

    was thinking a fox, coyote or racoon ??
    live in mountains of virginia and have bout everything here...

    'IT' got my prize cochin silver laced hen that I had just tag to take
    with silver laced rooster to the fair. One of my
    partridge cochins
    won best overall last year..the silver laced hen won a blue ribbon as well..

    and yes, I know this is the guinea site but y'all are the ones
    I always talk with.....besides, it's about a predator, not the bird...sorta...
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    Sorry for your loss, that's a bummer, and right before the fair [​IMG] Was she penned or free ranging when she was killed? If it was while she was free raning I'd suspect a Hawk as the culprit. IME foxes and coyotes usually take their kill with them, leaving just feathers.

    Maybe this link will help you narrow it down... Chicken Predators
  3. shortly after being let out....came back a hour or so to feed and followed a trail of feathers to her remains...
    yeah, the poultry show is next wednesday..

    thanks and will check 'chicken predators'
  4. ok...thinking maybe a possum since possum and racoon will eat
    the head of their victim and I don't remeber the last time I saw
    a recoon around here...

    anyway, thats my guess...
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    I'd guess it was a coon. That's pretty typical behavior of them...... Unfortunately, my first year of raising chickens, a coon got inside my chicken coop at dusk, before I had closed the doors. Poor things - we lost 5 that night - all with their heads bitten off. The others had managed to get out the doors before the coon had a chance to get at them, too. I think you better get rid of it before it happens again. [​IMG]
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    I had a raccoon come at very early dark two nights in a row and get into my coops and pen before we solved the problem. Each time it left the heads, but gutted the bodies. 100% positive it was a raccoon. One thing you can count on - whatever it was, it will be back, so try to take steps to "intervene".

    Sorry about losing your chicken - - it seems to always happen to the favorites. Of course, most of our chickens and guineas are favorites. However it happens, it's really sad and I'm sorry for your loss.
  7. thanks guys ....appreciate your time.

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