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Nov 22, 2021
Melbourne, Australia
Hi all,
We live in a semi rural area in Melbourne Australia. Introduced foxes can be a problem here. The house we bought this year has a large pre-built and enclosed garden space and chicken coop/run. (Previous owner made it.)The entire property is rabbit proof fences on the boundaries.

The garden, coop and smaller roofed run have a (with callipers) 1.6mm (16 gauge) heavy chicken wire mesh on about 1 meter (3.2 ft) of the lower half of them, with typical flimsy chicken wire for a meter up to the top and on the roof. I just realised one area is colourbond steel panels a little less than half way up and only cheap wire the rest.

Do you consider that satisfactory to keep out foxes? There's a lot of various info in what a fox can't really chew through... 1.4 mm (17 gauge), or 1.4 mm is only fox resistant, some recommended no less than 2mm (14 gauge).

We're planning to do a 2m (6 ft) high, roof-enclosed fenced area, with 2mm thick stainless steel welded mesh on metal framing for free ranging to protect from foxes and birds of prey. Atm, it's just flimsy plastic mesh on tall garden stakes for that space...

Is this 1.6mm heavy chicken wire actually going to stop determined foxes? Or should we replace that too? Thanks!


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Is this 1.6mm heavy chicken wire actually going to stop determined foxes? Or should we replace that too?
They'd have to be pretty hungry to chew thru 16ga and have good leverage to do so.
They'd be more likely to dig under than try to go thru the mesh.
That's a great pic showing the 2 diff chicken wires, that gap would worry me more than the wire gauge.

Kudos on your measurements, very helpful....and adding your location to your profile.


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I use hardwire cloth and the corrugated roofing material you seem to have but mine is cemented in the ground and skirted to prevent/discourage predators from digging under.

I got the top closed as well.

We have a lot of predators and I lost two baby birds to a snake that got in anyway but have not had problems with a fox getting through so far (9 years).


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