Fox-tail in eye?**pics**

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    May 28, 2008
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    Over a month ago I had a hen with her eye shut tight. I quarantined her for a couple of days and cleaned the eye. I thought one of the other hens had pecked out her eye, but it seemed to be healing so I put her back with the other hens. Now I can see it is not healing, the eye is still there and it oozes all down the side of her. I keep cleaning it and looking for a fox-tail, I know that is what it must be because otherwise she is healthy, eating, drinking and hanging out with the hens no problem. You can see how swollen her eye is on the front and top, her eye is just hidden in the back. Does anyone have a suggestion besides taking her to the vet? This poor little girl is so sweet and I just want to help her out. [​IMG][/url][/img]
  2. Can you get one of those eye flushing kits? Or maybe a syringe and flush the eye out as much as you can? I am not sure if it will work or not but it is worth a try.

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