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    Jul 10, 2010
    southern AL
    Our yard is fenced with field fencing. This was fine for our free ranging ducks and chickens until we started losing birds. Then I saw a fox creeping up on my ducks one day and then when he saw me, he took off THROUGH my field fencing.
    So now during baby fox hunting season, the girls are locked up in a pen with electric fencing around as well unless we are out to watch them. Once fall arrives, they are back to free ranging. But for 4 months, they are locked up. I don't like their current pen (recently removed a bunch of trees and now they have no shade/overhead protection other than their huts).

    So we are looking to move their pen to a different area where they often hang out during their free range time.
    The issue is that puts them on the perimeter yard fencing. So we'll need to replace field fencing with something with smaller holes and taller we guess. Current fence is just over 4' tall.
    So if we go to chain link fencing, how tall should it be to keep the fox out? Since it goes along the edge of our property and the neighbors have small children, we'd rather not electrify this fence. It is too large a space to have any type of cover as well. So we'd like to have the fence be tall enough that a fox isn't going over it.

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    Oct 5, 2015
    maybe a couple of single wires on your side of the fence. there are electric fence insulators, for t posts, and wooden posts.
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    Oct 21, 2015
    A fox can easily clear a 6' fence and scale walls and fences higher than that. Not to mention they are good diggers too. Where I live I have many predators including fox. What we chose to do was to get the Electric Net Fencing. It works well and can be moved around easily in less than 10 minutes. It gives them an area of 164 ft around of run (ample room for my 7 waterfowl).

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