FPC Annual Fall Poultry Show - Morganton, NC - October 29

Matt A NC

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Feb 22, 2007
Morganton, NC
Friendship Poultry Club
Presents its Annual
Fall Poultry Show

October 29, 2011

Club Secretary and registration Contact:
Brian Price

Burke County Fairgrounds
145 Bost Rd
Morganton, NC 28655

Map to FairGrounds via Google Maps:

Open to the Public -- Feel Free to come and look around

Building opens at 6am for exhibitors to start cooping their birds. State Testers will be there till 9am. Due to the new laws, all birds from out-of-state exhibitors must be tested AI free within 14 days of the show or have been certified AI free by your state. Be sure to bring your papers/cards or you will not be allowed to enter your birds.

Judging starts at 9am, all birds must be cooped by then. As a section is being judged it will be roped off. Interfences with Judges will not be allowed. While a section is roped off, please, enjoy the other birds. Sections will be reopened when the judge(s) move to different section. This allows the judges to do what they need to do quickly without interference, but keeping most of the show hall open to the public.

There will be a Silent Auction and Raffle for donated items and birds.
*****If anyone is interested in donating any items, breeding pairs, or female birds you can bring them to me early the morning of the show. I will get them setup where they need to be.*****

There is always an Outside Sales Area.

Please, Visit the Concession Stand to support the hosting Club.


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Sep 8, 2010
North Carolina
Ahhhh, I was hoping to be on a different date. We will be at Disneyland for that week.
I am that obsess with chickens that If I would of known few weeks ago about this date I would of change the date for our Disneyland vacantion.
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Bat Cave Silkies

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Feb 11, 2010
Bat Cave, NC
Arianna~~will certainly miss seeing you there; it was such a pleasure to meet you

Since I really shouldn't be away from home for 4 days at Crossroads, which unfortunately is being held the same weekend as the Morganton show---we'll be at Morganton.

So looking forward to seeing everyone, showing a few birds (if they'll finish up their molts!!), and hopefully selling a few.

We'll be bringing Lavenders, Partridge, Paint, Black & White Paint offspring, and maybe a Porcelain or 2 for sale. Can possibly bring some hatching eggs if anyone is interested, but since most of the girls have been removed from the breeding pens I'm not sure yet.


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Nov 20, 2010
Faison, NC
Will any of you be going to the show in Smithfield ? That is the closest to me. Only about 40 minutes away.


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Sep 8, 2010
North Carolina
Quote:Thank you Sandy, that's very kind of you.
I really enjoyed meeting everyone at the show.
I bought some d'Anver chicks from Boggy Booted Bantams to add to my group, and I have few cockerels left for sale. Here are my new babies: https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=272737&p=129
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This is the first time I have d'anvers, and I just love their personality. Next will be to get my self a silkie
(and then I will stop buying
). I use to have a beautiful splash that I bought as a pullet, but turned up to be a rooster.
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