Fr. Black Copper Marans and assorted Bantam Roo's

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    Jun 18, 2010
    """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""*****************DO NOT BID****** PM or EMAIL ONLY**************"""""""""""""""""""""""""""


    Got to get RID of these roosters!

    They're ripping up my hens! They're ripping up each other!

    I have 1 month old's sparring with each other, 3 month olds, 7 month olds, 14 month olds.

    My perches are full and the poor things are sleeping on the floor of the coop and being pooped on!

    Bantams are $5.00 each
    FBCM are $10.00 each

    Come ye, Come all!

    Come get these roosters!
    French Black Copper Marans are all under one year old. Bantams are 14 months old. The breeds are as follows:
    Japanese Bantams-Black Tailed White, Black, and Black Tailed Buff. Frizzle-Black, and Red. Silkie-Black, and Buff. Cochin- Red, and Mottled, Old English Game- Sebright, Silver, and Golden...etc...PM or email for details, photo's...

    Pick up only!


    FBCM Stock and hatching eggs were purchased from Tim Nichols of Marans USA, Bargain, and Rockinpaints of BYC.
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