Frankenstorm smashed my coop:((((


7 Years
Apr 12, 2012
Old Lyme CT
Well I am in Old Lyme CT, just got my power/phones back..Unfortunately this darn storm knocked two trees over into my beautiful coop:((( Here are some pics..This is what it looked like after my husband and I put all this work into converting my 12 x 20 shed into a partial coop

This was the first tree, which left a hole in the roof, no biggy, I just came out of it and the second one hit and I am the first to admit, I cried like a baby:((((

My husband ran out with a dog crate, and all 9 chickies ran into it. Couldn't get in the front double doors, had to chainsaw his way into the side doors via the run

This is what it looked like tues am, after we yanked the trees off with my blazer

You'll notice the only thing saved was the 5 x 12 chicken area on the left side, thank goodness it didn't collapse because my chickies would have been dead I'm sure:(

So we''ve cleaned it up and ended up dismantling the left wall, removed the nest boxes, and slapped it up against what's left standing..Temporary fix, because frankly the left side is out of whack and don't know if it will hold up if we get another storm like this one.

End result

While we cleaned up, the chickies had a great time in my dining room! I tarped the floor and put together a huge crate/xpen, and they just thought it was a great vacation..Keep in mind I have 3 dogs (aussies/german shepherd) and 4 cats,,no one bothered the chickens and vice versa, I'd find the dogs sleeping next to the xpen , and the chicks pecking the cat thru the wire LOL . So the chicks (which are 22 weeks old and NO EGGS YET!) are now back outside and doing fine.
to add, I am now looking for a good source of a possible shed kit. (I plan on posting this separately as well)..The floor is still intact, and while this was a prebuilt shed, at this time, I'm just not going to be able to get a prebuilt into that area . So I'm thinking of going with a "shed kit", or hiring a carpenter to rebuild something for me,,doesn't have to be as big as my other one, but I AM going to have to remove the chicken shelter that's left, I'm not feeling that it's stable to last.

SO any good sources of shed kits would be appreciated
Wow, you guys got whacked.
You really have done a great job of salvaging a part of the shed, and the chicken rescue in the DR is a funny story.
Glad nobody got hurt.
Sending tons of good thoughts your way.
Wow how scary!! Glad you chooks were okay. Sorry about your coop. :( The one time I brought chickens in the house for a bit they never forgot and often tried to sneak in whenever possible.
OMG - My heart goes out to you. Im glad your house wasnt damaged in the storm & everyone is ok. You guys did a great job cleaning up the coop. Best of luck & hope no more storms come your way
What really ticks me off is the trees aren't even mine! The belong to the country club next to me thru those woods behind the shed:( I have to pay to have them removed/cut down, because there are a few more that I'm not liking the looks of:((( Last year during Irene, one hit my house, tore off a gutter, no big deal, but still out of pocket for us...I'm hoping my HO will cover the shed loss or my chickies will not be living the life they've become accustomed to:))) Spoiled chickens I have..
O you poor thing! That sounds soooo scary! I bet your chickens were very frightened also. :hugs

Thank You for sharing your story.

My sister has been on a bike ride with her husband on the east coast and I haven't heard a word from her. :/

( The one time I brought chickens in the house for a bit they never forgot and often tried to sneak in whenever possible.
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