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11 Years
Jul 22, 2008
I came home last night and one of my 9 wk old Buff Orp girls was missing. I searched all over for her last night and this morning. I let them free-range during the day and I was worried that maybe a predator had nabbed her.

Well, at noon today I happened to notice that a little 1 gallon bucket that my son had left in their yard was upside down today and it hadn't been that way yesterday. I tipped it over and sure enough she was under there dead.
I can only imagine she must have tried to perch on it and tipped it over onto herself, the poor thing. I just feel horrible.

Live and learn I guess. I'm going to start doing a better job of baby-proofing the yard now.


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May 24, 2007
I'm so sorry. That would have been awful to find her like that. It's amazing, we think we've got everything unsafe figured out for our pets and then something like that happens. We can just do our best to keep them safe.

I was in my barn today trying to see everything through my goats eyes to make sure they are safe when playing around in there.

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Sep 20, 2007
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I have had that happen but the chicken survived. It was a cardboard box he had tipped over on himself, in the hottest part of the summer too. I still don't know how he didn't die from the heat having been under that box all night and most of the next day.


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Aug 29, 2008
Cool, CA (yes, that's its name
That is sad to hear you lost your chicken. I had my best Cochin hen disappear for five days and I thought a predator had eaten her. I was so sad and cried for two days, then on day five (this will freak you out!) I reached into the grain bucket to grain my horse, and it was almost empty so I had to really reach down and touched something fuzzy, screamed by head off, then looked and there was my hen at the bottom. I pulled her out crying that I had killed her and she just looked at me like "where the X:!!!!) have you been!!!" She was fine. There was a little grain for her to eat at the botton but no water x 5 days!!! That was last Fall and she just had her first hatch this week. I am really lucky!! She just have jumped in while I was feeding one day, then I closed the lid, and there she sat! I felt terrible for wks!!


11 Years
May 29, 2008
SC Arkansas
Sorry this happened. I know you feel terrible, but accidents do happen, and I'm so glad you shared your experience with us. I guess I should tell what just happened to me too.

We just bought a few new chicks, 4 of which are different types of bantams. One little guy flipped over the water bowl on top of him. It was a 1 to 1 & 1/2 inch tall clear rubbermaid type dish with a flat bottom. He was trapped under it for a while during the day while I was in town. I figure what saved him was that when he stood up, it was just slightly off the ground, so air got underneath. When we found him, he was laying down asleep under it, and I was sure he was dead. Thank goodness he wasn't. I have a waterer, but the others were using it. I definately need to get another one!

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