Freak accident in brooder?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by ScoobyRoo, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. ScoobyRoo

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    Aug 21, 2008
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    Last night I had just put in more feed and fresh water for the 37 chicks (11 days old) that I have in a good size poly water tank. My DD had the misfortune of going down 30 min. later to find a dead chick. [​IMG] It was very warm. No life what so ever. I could not find any pecking or bleeding. The two things I saw was that the vent area was puckered a little bit. Not much. It was of normal color comparing to the other chicks and they are becoming 'flighty' now and I wondered if somehow it broke its neck.??[​IMG] It's head was really wobbley. I was really worried when checking on the rest of them this morning not knowing if the dead chick had a disease or virus. The rest seem to be fine. Does an injury happen like that (broken neck) in brooders if they are all scrambling on top of each other?

  2. AHappychick

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    Dec 16, 2008
    sometimes they can squish each other or one is not delevoled all the way on the inside and passes for no aparent reason
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    Sometimes they just die,and the wobbly head is usally what happens when they are dead cause they are dead and cant controle there head anymore.
    losing them is always sad....
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    Quote:I did think of that but just wasn't quite sure. Whatever happened it was quick! within the 30 min. The chick was of good size and this is my 3rd time brooding and nothing like this has happened before. I'm sorry the chick died but would be relieved if it was just a squishing thing and nothing else more harmful. It was hard dealing with the dead chick and DD crying.

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    My chicks were several weeks old when they piled up in a corner due to be scared by the noise of the lawn mower. I had to untangle the pile by picking up and moving each chick. The two at the bottom looked dead, but I was able to revive them by cooling them off quickly. Pile ups can be deadly to those on the bottom.
    I'm sorry for your loss.

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