freak eggs.


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Aug 19, 2010
Las Vegas
Lately I start to feed my girls a little bit of cooked meat every day.
because one of them was loosing her feathers on the back, so i decide to add extra protein to their diet.
Any way after three days they started to lay huge eggs.
I am not sure if this the result of the new diet or the change in the weather.
Huge eggs as in double yokers, or just big eggs? Hens are supposed to lay even larger eggs after their first molt. (Which could explain why one of your hens is losing feathers)
I don't know how long the molting should take.
That chicken lost her feathers three months ago may be I am wrong but it looks long time to molt and she hadn't grew them back yet.
It doesn't look like she is seek or something, she is the most active and full of life more then all of them .
I installed a security camera and watched them for a while I didn't noticed any aggression from the other chickens toward her.
so I assumed may by it's lack of protein.

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