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    So, I've had my chicks for about a week & one of my Australourpe chicks, Gertrude, has the best personality!!! Every time I call them, she comes running to me & hops on my hand. Today, she decided to skip up my arm & get comfy on my shoulder![​IMG] Is this something I can expect as she gets bigger...because I freaking love it!!![​IMG]
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    Yes, many birds will "parrot" on your shoulder, even as adults. As it is something you enjoy there is no reason to discourage it (some folks don't like the forwardness of this behavior and will discourage it as part of their management) - *but* do watch out for your eyes/teeth as they are very attractive targets for pecking (an adult chicken can easily damage your eye severely with one well placed peck) and also be mindful of earrings you wear as "hardware disease" has befallen more than one bird who had snatched an earring before the person even knew what was happening.
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    [​IMG] Said perfectly.

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