Fred the drake needs a new home


Sep 14, 2018
east wenatchee
I live in washington and I have a drake named Fred who has to go because he is too mean to our one hen and other drake,quackers,.He is about 7 months old and my only requirements are that he will not be used for food,only family and fun. also that I can see pictures of him from time to time because he is my baby boy.he has a docile temper and loves to hang out with young ones as long as theiy don't get too close,then he runs.please let me know if you want him and he needs to go before the 20 of December.If I can I will meet you halfway if you aren't too far away
this is him
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I'm starting to get depressed by all these beautiful animals for sale/trade/free that are nowhere near me!

Hopefully you find him a great home!

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