Frederick County Maryland Zoning Ordinances

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    Mar 23, 2010
    Well I had my next door neighbor report my back yard flock to the county and I got the letter to remove my chickens. I was warned about her I know I know, but she is an old woman who thinks she owns the neighborhood.

    In Frederick County, zoning laws state the NO agricultural animals are allow on residentially zoned lots. Went down to talk to the inspector, got a lot of sympathy even some help. He thinks is stupid but it is what is is. I got a rundown on what it will take to change the zoning in the county and am going to give it a try. It's my nature.

    I'm looking for anyone in the county that would be willing to sign on. This is a gmail account that I've set up that I will be using, I'll BCC any correspondance to anyone that contacts me. I'm putting together a proposal to go to a commisioners worksession. I think I have a least one commisioner who will introduce it. If we can get two more it will go to zoning for a full review and more public input.

    You can't have agricultural animals in any number on residentially zoned property in Frederick County. I have a friend with two goats who found out that if you have 3 acres or more you can have them with setbacks, but that don't help many people.

    So I'm going to start the process. Anyone who wants to help join in.

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