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Apr 4, 2009
Eastern North Carolina
We just had an article published in Backyard Poultry mag and the editor gave us a 1 year subscription for submitting the article. We talked about it and since alot of people are having hard times this year the idea came up of giving it to somebody that would really enjoy it. The editor okay'd the idea, for the person to get it I will need their name and a mailing address and they will send them a gift card and a 1 year subcription.

Now here is the catch.

If you know somebody that would benefit from it please post here who and why and we will make a selection from that. (please no personal info ie the address) Just because you always wanted to read it and didn't want to spend the money doesn't cut it.
. On Monday Oct 4th we will decide who gets it

Thanks guys
Steve & Sharon
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Oh cool!

I have an idea.

I nominate the Fountain, CO public library. That way they can spread the word about how cool it is to own poultry to many many people.
Not to seem greedy but I personally would love that magazine! I am new to chickens as of this year and currently addicted! I will be letting my broodiest hens hatch their eggs in the spring in order to build up my flock and produce enough eggs to not only supply my family and friends but maybe even to make some chicken feed money next year! I hope whomever you choose enjoys their subscription and it goes to good use! I also think donating to a library is a great cause! I have checked out all the books from our library in order to prepare for chickens! I must say I learned alot!
I would like to nominate our 4H leader, Heidi Kueny of Payson, AZ. She is going to start the first poultry group for our area as of January 1st. We our hoping that the children might get more interested in poultry as the times get harder and it is longer affordable to raise large livestock.
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Oh fabulous idea! I think a library would be great. But a 4-H leader starting up a poultry club would be a great way to get information to youth about poultry who are getting into chickens.
Tough choice between both, but I think I'd go with the new 4-H leader. I think that's a terrific idea and well deserved as it takes a great person to lead our youth!
Can we suggest another BYC'er?? If so, I nominate Andora, who is having a real tough time with her hubby out of work and really mean neighbors, and also she is at a high-risk pregnancy right now. Nice person, wish the best for her. Check out her blog and her posts
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