Free 14 wk old EE and Red Star Cockerels near Houston TX

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    Apr 25, 2009
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    I have covert chickens and need to find a home for the two 14 week old roos (that were supposed to be pullets).

    Tom Boy is a red star rooster. He's extremely friendly and a shameless beggar. He's the first one to run to me when I walk outside, followed closely by my other roo, Zeus. Zeus is a gorgeous EE with a personality. He's not mean, but he by no means a push-over. He reminds me of a bird of prey because of his coloration and face.

    It goes without saying that I want to find a home that will love them and not heat up the stew pot. I live about an hour south of Houston and I'm willing to travel 1-2 hours to find them a good home.

    Here are my sweethearts...

    The uber friendly Tom Boy

    The beautiful, regal Zeus

    The beggars

    Their sweet faces [​IMG]

    They were vaccinated for Mareks and fed medicated feed. I use ACV in their water as well. They free range during the day and are penned at night. I have more pictures if you're interested!
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    Please have the moderator move to chick & chickens as they would be more appreopriate there and you'd have a better chance of being picked up!

    Thanks and have a blessed day!
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    I pm'd you on Zeus!

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