FREE 2 Roosters (RIR, & Bantam Barred Rock) - LOCAL ONLY Wheaton, IL

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    May 31, 2010
    DO NOT BID! I am looking for the best placement, not for $$$
    Just email me (preferred to forum messaging) at agangi (at) fithfath (dot) com

    I have two good-tempered pet roosters that I am looking for a new home
    for. One is a full sized Rhode Island Red, the other is a bantam
    barred rock. They are NOT FOR FOOD. They are friendly, used to being
    picked up and cuddled, and are actually friends with each other. So I
    would prefer if they could find a new home together. However, If
    necessary, I will separate them, and in that case, I would like to
    place one of their favourite hens with them so that they are not alone
    when going to start their new life.

    They are used to free ranging, if not 24 hrs, then at least for the
    better part of the day.

    The reason I am placing them is of course they are crowing too much-
    constantly. I didn't expect this to be a problem because I already
    had a rooster who crowed only in the morning and occasionally in the
    afternoon. I kept him in a large cage inside at night and in the
    morning, and then put him outside around 10 am, and brought him back
    in in late evening. This worked for our ordinances where roosters
    fall under noise issues, the same as barking dogs. While I expected
    3 roosters to mean some extra crowing than just 1, I didn't expect it to be
    *constant.* I thought this would diminish once they settled in, but
    it hasn't. I am told that they are probably just talking to each
    other (How's it over there? Good, and you? Still good!) To deal
    with this, I have been putting them out one at a time for a few
    hours. This has decreased crowing some, but they are being stuck in
    cages for far too long, and are unhappy.

    You can see photos of my chickens, including the two roosters here:
    When contacting me about the roosters, please let me know your
    location, a bit about your set up for chickens, and if possible, a

    contact me at agangi (at)

    Just email me (preferred to forum messaging) at agangi (at) fithfath (dot) com
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