Free - 2 year old Roosters Easter Egger & White Leghorn - NE GA


11 Years
Mar 8, 2008
I have two 2 year old roosters I need to find new homes for one is a GORGEOUS Easter Egger (*note his toes are crooked, but otherwise he's gorgeous) and a very pretty White Leghorn. They're good birds, and great with the girls - I just don't have enough hens for the girls not to be stressed out. These two have been pets, but we would really like to find them a home where they could each have a few hens and a bit of grass to wander around on. Since this is not something we can provide them with we decided to stop being selfish and find them another home. We prefer for them to be kept as pets. Please also note I do not recommend the Easter Egger for anyone with young children as 1) he is quite large and 2) he is fearless of humans - he's never attacked us, but I don't know what he would do with someone his own size. If you have young children and think he'll be okay I will defer to your judgement. Again he's never attacked us but he can be a little aggressive with the other roosters. I have kept him and the White Leghorn together in their own "No-Hen Pen" for about a year now with no issues and they were raised from the same group of chicks, so they can go together as a pair. Just let me know.

I will not ship these birds - you'll have to contact me to arrange pick up in Banks County or Hall County, GA.

Here are a couple pictures of them.


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