FREE 2 yr old laying hens in Minnesota

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    Gale Woods Farm which is a farm run by the Parks dept, is where I took my class on Backyard Chicken keeping. They are a "commercial" farm in that they sell their products but they really exist as a learning facility for the general public. One can buy free range chicken and eggs, organic veggies, etc there. Anyway they give away their 2 yr old laying hens as their production has slowed down and they are doing so right now. They have BR, BO, Production Reds and Americauna/EE. If you can use FREE laying hens please contact:

    Tim Reese
    Gale Woods Farm Supervisor
    Three Rivers Park District
    7210 County Rd 110 West
    Minnetrista, MN 55364
    (763) 694-2002 office
    (612) 490-2186 cell
    (952) 472-9205 fax

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