Free --3 faverolles pullets- placed


Mar 31, 2020
Delaware County (near Philly), PA
I have 3 lovely 2.5 month old chicks who arrived from a hatchery quite ill. I have nursed them back to health, and now are looking to rehome them. They are very cute and are acting like normal chicks at this point. They are living currently in my warm basement, and would need to be acclimated to outdoor life by the new owner.

The caveat is that necropsy results show one sibling has suspected IBV, so the new owner would have to house these chicks somewhere that would not expose other vulnerable chickens. It would be ideal for someone who has no existing chickens, and wants to get started with a super fluffy breed for free. The new owner would also need to have resources to treat for coccidiosis (such as a supply of corid).

Along with the chicks I would provide the full Penn Labs necropsy report so you know what you are dealing with.
Good luck! And I personally just thank you for being so honest. Some people like to just give chickens that are either boys and say they are girls or give the wrong breed

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