FREE 4 mo silver EE rooster, free local delivery

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  1. CaseyG

    CaseyG Hatching

    Mar 23, 2010
    San Lorenzo, CA
    This was sold to us by the Livermore feed store as a female Ameraucana, but if there are two things I've learned about chickens, one is that sexing is not an exact science, and the other is that there's no such thing as a pure Ameraucana. [​IMG]

    We can't keep a rooster here in San Lorenzo, because we just don't have enough space for him. He's amazingly well socialized, as we went to a great effort to get these chickens used to human contact. He's never aggressive or territorial, though he does fly out of his pen, and would need a complete enclosure if you don't want him roaming all over your yard.

    I will happily deliver this rooster to a good home within 25 miles of San Lorenzo or Mountain View, or arrange a meeting halfway if you live within 50 miles of either.


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