Free 4 pickup in SW PA;2 leghorns, 1 EE/RIR, 1 splash Sizzle, all roos

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    Nov 7, 2008
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    At this rate I will NEVER have fresh eggs!!!!!!!!!! All my cute chickie kids are CROWING!!!! Drat!!

    All were hatched here, handled a LOT, very desensitized to people, vacuum cleaners, handling, other pets, etc., etc.... So far none are aggressive (altho, again, they ARE roos!!!), all hatched around January 10, 2009 (young).

    The Sizz, in particular, may be of interest for breeding; his Mom is a white Silkie & his Dad is a MILLE FLEUR frizzled cochin. He is splash colored. Don't know enough about genetics to predict what future breedings may produce.

    Anyway, all are sweet (ESPECIALLY the RIR/EE cross!!!!) and VERY comfortable with humans; I just really want them to go to happy homes and not end up snuggled next to dumplings.... I would be happy to drive a bit to meet you if you are are interested. I live about 45 minutes South of Pittsburgh, PA.

    Would keep them all, but am in the suburbs and can only have a limited amount of chickens; out of the 8 I hatched, SIX are roos.... what are the odds?? Oh, well, PM me (or post here) if you can help....

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