FREE 4 week old cockerels - good for meat or flock guardian

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    FREE chicks. Approximately 4 weeks old, still under heat lamp (probably 60-70 degrees). These are crossed Jersey Giant x White Leghorn. My JG Rooster is a great guy, takes good care of his girls and is HUGE. These boys should be good flock guardians or meat chickens.....crossing with the Leghorn should make a good dual purpose bird.

    These chicks were hatched out here and it is pretty obvious who is boys or girls now. Will consider selling matching pullets if you just want a good laying flock. These are all white, some with black/barred spots.

    Also have a few Rhode Island Red x Jersey Giant. These are all black with some red leakage on a few. Should have same qualities as the leghorn/giant cross.

    These are all FREE, pickup only in the Knoxville/Loudon area. I haven't counted cockerels vs pullets. There are a total of 20 chicks, so at least 10 cockerels.

    edited to add: these chicks are currently being treated for coccidiosis. they will be available after treatment is complete next week.

    edit #2: treatment appears successful, no more bloody poop. will continue treatment for a few more days just in case. These boys are getting big, quite a bit bigger than the standard brahma chicks they are brooded with. The boys should look similar to White Jersey Giants.
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