FREE Adult Ducks-Pekin and Khaki Campbell

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    Mar 24, 2011
    Weatherford, Texas
    I have too many drakes.

    Of only five ducks - three turned out to be drakes!
    I have one Pekin Drake and one absolutely beautiful Khacki Campbell drake. They both are about five months old.
    I would allow them both to go to one owner or I might consider sending my Khacki with our Mallard hen. (Khacki Campbells have some Mallard in them anyway.) They are pretty bonded. But not all three to one person. It is way too hard on the hens. The two hens I have are looking very haggard and yesterday my Blue Swedish started limping. Enough is enough!
    They can be bachelors together or each have their own girls somewhere else.
    I will not ship - pick up only. North Texas - West of Fort Worth
    PM or email me and I will send you pcitures.

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