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    Nov 7, 2014
    I purchased my very first set of araucana eggs off of ebay about 4 years ago and hatched out a few beautiful birds and later found out that the breeder that I bought them from was an excellent source so I got extremely lucky. I thought that I would try my turn again at ebay araucana eggs and the results have not been as lucky

    SO, because again, I am a huge wimp and cannot cull a bird and therefore should probably not be breeding or hatching out birds, I have 3 white and splash araucana cockerels that I need to find homes for.

    Two of the cockerels have ear tufts, one is double tufted and the other has very very tiny ear tuft feather(s) visible so it will pass on the tufted gene if that's what you need. The third seems to be clean faced. They also were hatched from lovely medium-large blue eggs and have perfect pea combs with great coloring on their faces. They are all approximately 5 months old today and have been vaccinated for Marek's.

    Here is the issue...They all have a one or two random tail feathers and green splotchy legs, instead of the rumpless, pure yellow legs that a white based araucana should have. I have read on here where there are a few people who argue that they needed to add the Ameraucana birds genes in their araucana bloodlines to aid in the issue with the spine being too short for copulation or something like that, but I would like to get into showing them and not genetics.

    These birds could definitely add tufts to your gene pools and also produce hens that will lay beautiful blue eggs with great pea combs. I hatched out 8 "araucanas" from this group and ALL but two had ear tufts. Unfortunately my dog attacked and killed the other roosters with big ear tufts, but I will add their photos at the very bottom so you can atleast see their potential genetics. (See pictures below).

    I will also add a picture of their full sister who DOES have all of the qualities that you would want in an araucana... beautiful ear tuft, correct colored legs and no tail whatsoever.

    Color of the eggs that they were hatched from... the color is kind of muted in the first photo but they are more true to color in the second photo.

    Araucana Cockerel #1 (Teddy)

    We've had this one with some 2 month old silkies that I hatched out and he has been really good with them. We really want this one to find a good home that will not eat him. He is double tufted and is very friendly. He has purple blu-kote on his head in a few of the pictures because one of my hens attacked him and pulled all of his head feathers out... including his ear tufts which have now started to grow back. If there are purple streaks in any of the pictures they are from the blue-kote. He has the most tail feathers out of the group... probably about 5 tail feathers.

    Araucana Cockerel #2 (Vinny)

    Rumpless with very small ear tuft feathers present. Again, for some reason the other birds like to pull these feathers out so I don't know if he'll grow more when I separate the cockerels from the pullets in a few days.
    (the one on the right is a pullet)

    Araucana Cockerel #3 (Tony Tone)

    Appears to be all white (No visible ear tufts, but has 2-4 tail feathers)

    Here are a few examples of the genetic gene pool from their FULL siblings that my dog killed earlier this month :(

    Double tufted rumpless white pullet
    Clean faced, rumpless pullet
    Double Tufted (barely) Rumpless Splash Cockerel

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    Nov 22, 2014
    I have noticed you have a few thread up with no replys. I am located in Rhode Island and I would love to have all the roosters. I am currently looking for someone to consistently ship chickens up north for butcher. If you would be interested in talking about shipping up whatever you have give me a call at 401-999-7015. thank you very much matthew holmes

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