Free asst guppy fry


10 Years
Jul 6, 2009
West Central Minnesota
Seeing these are free, don't bid - PM me instead. There's a lot available.

How much better of a deal is there then FREE? Well, okay, you do need to pay for shipping, but that's just 10.95 for as much as I can fit in a flat rate box. That will fit a lot of fry!

The fry are from a variety of pure strain adults. The moms are a tuxedo, a solid yellow, a sunrise and I think a solid blue. The dads are both blonde reds. It should be fun seeing what pops up.

Seeing they are such little stinkers they would be perfect for a newly set up tank because they aren't going to be a huge bio load yet. If you know a school that's looking for a deal on a bunch, let them know!

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