FREE Baby Chicks in AZ! Colorful breed in development . . .

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  1. alohachickens

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    Dec 14, 2007
    Phoenix, AZ
    Anyone on here located in AZ and want a few FREE baby chicks?

    I'm trying to work on creating a colorful (mottled) standard size chicken breed/type, and hatched out a few chicks. So far they don't look like they'll be as colorful as Mom, but on some breeds, color doesn't develop until later.

    If someone in AZ is interested in them, I'd like for a member on here to take them, and keep in contact with me to let me know if color develops on them, (and if they do color up, the new owner would allow me to have eggs from the most colorful hen to hatch later, or borrow her for breeding for a month, buy her back - something along those lines to further development.)

    In return for keeping in contact to let me know how they develop, you get the chicks for FREE.

    If no color develops, would like to know that too for research purposes.

    I have three in the brooder now, and several more to are due to hatch out next week.

    Here is a web site all about what I'm trying to do:

    And photos of the parents:



    Drop me a line if you'd like them!


  2. revelu

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    Mar 28, 2008
    Midland, MI
    I'm nowhere near you but I have a young rooster that reminds me of your first photo--
    he's much brighter in person--

    and this is the other side of him when he was younger yet:
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  3. baldie

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    Sep 25, 2008
    Douglas, MA
    I wish I was near you!! [​IMG]
  4. alohachickens

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    Dec 14, 2007
    Phoenix, AZ
    Quote:Nifty! Yeah, "Phoenix" the daddy of these chicks is quite a specatacular looking 'roo. Unfortunately, he didn't fit in with this project of mine, so I found him this fantastic home at an "urban farm" that works with adults with developmental disabilities. They thought some chickens would be nice to add to their growing collection of primarily injured and abandoned livestock, that they use as a sort of "pet therapy" for the residents there.

    So I'm happy with his new pet home, but was very sorry to see him go!

    I had to make room for the new speckled roosters that I'll be raising towards this project. One is just a few months away from being old enough to breed, and I'll be crossing him with the gold/black/white speckled hen shown above.

    "Phoenix" and this hen were inseperable . . . I'm such a meanie for rehoming him, but I needed to do it so she would bond with the upcoming rooster, as these new chicks do not show the body type or mottled color I'm aiming for, (stocky body, single combed, no beards or muffs) as "Phoenix" was out of a Buff Polish Hen and an Ameraucana rooster.

    Who knows if the mottled color on Mom is recessive, though? If it is, the color may come out in future generations.

    These are still cute free chickies, though. Will be interesting to see what comes out of there next Wed. They will probably not show mottling if this is any indication, but they will be added to the batch of fun "freebies", too!

  5. BellLisamo

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    Feb 7, 2009
    Tombstone, AZ
    i DO!!! Where are you located?!?!?

    I will be in mesa this today through sat....

    Or i live in tombstone!

    they are soooo cute looking!!! love the roo
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  6. alohachickens

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    Dec 14, 2007
    Phoenix, AZ
    I'm in Phoenix, about 10 minutes west of downtown. I have three here for ready for pick-up.

    DOH! I had my dates wrong - the next batch won't hatch until Friday, so there will only be these three here for the taking by Wed. before you leave.

    If you're interested in trying to breed for the mottled color, I can maybe spare an (unrelated) 3/4 Exchequer cross rooster to cross them with at a later date, and see if any of the resulting chicks end up mottled. I'll have extra roos at some point, you'd just need to keep in touch, I can't tell what sexes I have on the youngsters just yet, it will be a couple of months still.

    But if we keep in touch I can email you for the next time you come up to the Valley. I can hold these three chicks for you until you can pick them up before you head back to Tombstone on Wed.

    FYI, this means that some more chicks out of the next batch will be available FREE after Friday - and I also put a few "extras" in the incubator.

    There are four of the small eggs laid by the colorful hen and rooster pictured above, two of the (unrelated) 3/4 Exchequer cross, and one egg by my buff/blue EE hen and the 1/2 Sussex, 1/2 Exchequer roo.

    So if another person in the Phoenix area wants to try this project, there should be some more chicks available this Sat. the 18th.

    Again, these chicks would be FREE and all I ask is that you be willing to share pix of them as adults, and possibly let me hatch eggs out of anything that looks promising, or borrow a hen to try breeding with if something turns out really cool.

    Who else on here is in AZ? LOL!

    Sommer [​IMG]

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