FREE! Baby Huey For Sale, OrpX boy, 6 wks/Pickup N. Ga. Mtns FREE!!

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    This is a son of my blue Orpington 14 lb rooster, Suede, with my huge flaming red RIR/Buff Orp cross hen, Meg. Would be great for a red Orpington project. This boy is HUGE! He's already way larger than his black Orp brother. Nice comb, big chunky boy--he's going to be a stunner! Hatched May 8th, so about 6 weeks old now.

    His broody mama is beginning the separation process and he needs to find a new home.

    Must be picked up here. I am in Fannin County, GA, near the NC/TN/GA juncture.

    These pics were taken today (Sat) Just look at that perfect comb!


    Here you can see how much larger he is than his black brother, who is pure Orp.

    Here are the parents:
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