Free bag of puppy food "UPDATED WITH GOOD LINK"


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Mar 5, 2009
Hornbeak, Tennessee
I posted this and the link didn't work. So I tried to go back and edit my post and it was gone. I get a newsletter everyday from GoFreebies. They send a list of samples, free stuff and offers. There is usually something in there that I want or can use. Today, they have a free voucher for Eukanuba puppy food. All it asks is your address, email addy, age and if you want them to send you more info or what ever and send it. They will send the voucher by mail. You may have to join the news letter to get this offer but i'll try another link to try to get you all to it.

Ok folks, this one is the link that is said to be the one to share with people so they can get free food too.
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