Free Bantam Blue Cochin in SF Bay Area


Jan 5, 2021
Hello everybody!:frow We are still trying to find a home for a few bantam cockerels that we ended up with in a group of straight run chicks purchased from Concord Feed in mid March. We posted awhile back about our situation and have been successful finding 3/8 homes between this site and Craigslist. We actually ended up with 8/10 of the straight run chicks being male.:confused: We’ve certainly learned our lesson and will resist getting the adorable little fuzzies in the future. We live within the SJ city limits and 5 crowing roosters definitely isn’t going to work. We are having a little bit of success with rooster collars but, finding homes for some of them will really help. This Bantam Blue Cochin has a bit louder and more frequent crow. It would be ideal to find him a home first. Pop Rock is a Blue Bantam Cochin carrying the frizzle gene who was purchased from Concord Feed in Dublin, CA on March 18th. His hatchmate, one of the only pullets we ended up with, is a frizzle and is actually displaying the trait. We were later told that not all chicks labeled as frizzle will display the trait. Some will only be carrying the gene. He has received the Marek’s vaccine and has been fed organic starter/grower, fresh garden veggies, and fruit. He really loves his crumbles mixed with warm water. Somehow, that’s his favorite treat. He makes really cute excited sounds while eating such a luxury. :lau If you live in Northern CA and would be willing to add Pop Rock to your flock please feel free to contact us. We would be willing to deliver him to you if needed.


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