FREE Bantam flock, 1 beautiful roo & 4 sweet hens no ship, SC

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    May 17, 2007
    These are the sweetest little cross breeds. Their mothers were mille fleur d'uccles and the father was a black silkie. There are 3 silkie/ d'uccle hens about 1 year old. One pet quality black bantam cochin also about a year old. The rooster is an absolute honey, no aggression and I think he is absolutely beautiful! He is also a silkie/ d'uccle mix from the same parents. The little hens are wonderful little pets and good mothers and broodies (they got the silkie gene [​IMG] ) THe rooster is handled all the time by my two kids and is very nice to his ladies. These girls actually lay pretty well when they aren't broody and my kids are particularly fond of boiled bantie eggs - perfect size for a kid with a small appetite... We really want a good home for our little sweethearts, these are our kids pets and I want to know they will be well taken care of. I would be willing to meet you somewhere in reasonable driving distance from York, SC with these chooks if that would help you decide you want their little fluff butts [​IMG]




    This pic is of the larger flock, the mille fleur d'uccles are not for sale and only one of the cochins is for sale (the other one died a few months ago of impacted crop)
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  2. Firearia

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    Only 25 cents? Too bad I live in Canada and I can't convince my mother to drive me down there. A lovely flock you have though!
  3. apoplick

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    Jul 21, 2010
    Those are beutifull birds but I cant drive down to get them [​IMG]

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