*FREE* Bantam Roosters to pet home: Woodburn, OR

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    Jul 5, 2010
    ****UPDATE**** Thank you everyone who inquired about the chickens. They are now on their way home with a nice family and to a good home.[​IMG]

    I have two roos in Woodburn, OR who need to be re-homed. NO NEED TO BID, they are FREE. Approximately 16 weeks old and in EXCELLENT health. Bought 4 straight run banties from Coastal Farm and Supply in the first week of March and, wouldn't you know it, two became roosters (or one rooster and one crowing hen--still not sure.) Since I got them at Coastal I can't say anything about their line or breed, however I can tell you they are both of good temperament and have beautiful plumage. Recently discovered that city ordinance doesn't permit roosters and I hate to confine them to prevent a noise disturbance. I have a couple of offers to take them, but I'm hesitant to accept since both want the roosters for eating. I would rather find a nice home who need a roo or two to accompany their hens.

    If you are interested, please email me at [email protected], pm me or call 971-275-7479 from 10am-9pm PDT. Currently I don't have plans for shipping, but if you are local, I am willing to meet you half-way or drive to your location if pick-up is not possible.

    Pictures of them now, at 16 weeks (app.):

    As juveniles:

    As chicks:

    Thank you!
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