Free Bantams Eastern Iowa- With Pictures

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    We have a few to many bantams both hens and roosters. Since I don't want to get stuck with so many roosters I decided anyone that will take a Bantam Rooster can have a Bantam Hen Free. Otherwise I think Ill end up with lots of roosters left.

    We have Two beautiful Red bantam roosters and a red and white bantam rooster. One red and the red and white have pea combs the other has a single comb. There moms are old english game bantams and there father is Barns a Feather footed bantam. These three are only 5 months old, the pictures are from about 3 months I think I will get updated ones if there is any interest.
    [​IMG]- (Issac, red Single comb)
    [​IMG]-(Ian, Red Pea comb)
    [​IMG]-(Crowboy, Peacomb)
    There Father, Barns, is also available. A proven Breeder he is 2 years old and has fathered many chicks for us and the people who had him before. He is very calm and not at all aggressive.
    [​IMG]- Barns and our silky hens.
    Last we have Wedge Antilles. He is a beautiful charming little guy. I'd planned to keep him until Phoenix came along. He is what I call a Silken. Barns is his dad as well but his mom is a White Silky hen. He is very friendly.
    [​IMG](Wedge taken last weekend)
    The hens available are gold-ish or red we have one white one I would be willing to part with. They vary in age from 5 months to 4 years. First come first serve. I have a ton more pictures I will post if there is any interest.
    [​IMG]-(some of the young bantam hens)F
    None of them are aggressive and all can be handled easily.
    Let me know if there is any interest
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    Where you at?

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