Free Barred Rooster- while he still acts like a pet- Mid MO pick up

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  1. I couldn't take this boy to the auction 2 weeks ago because he's a sweetheart! Has been that way since chick hood! I was wanting to find him a home locally that would give him a chance to prove himself a sweetie before automatically sending him to the frying pan. In a few weeks he may give my d'uccle roosters some trouble, so I have to rehome him, since I don't have a separate run for him. I bought him at the feed store and am not sure if he's a black sex link or barred rock roo. I am feeling major guilt at giving him away, but I can't keep them all.......Anyone want a nice rooster? If he turns into a mean rooster you can eat him, I promise! I don't plan on shipping him, but can deliver within 30 miles or so of Jefferson City MO for a quarter! My flock is NPIP certified, and he came from Estes Hatchery at the feed store.

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    May 3, 2010
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    Its a sex link I have the same problem with my roo that I got from a feed store and no one wants him.If he has brown ugly feathers on tops of his wings and some green/teal tinged tail feathers more than likely a sex link.

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