Free BCM cockeral (Northern CA near Auburn)

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He hatched 2/7/10 and has feathered legs. He is from Gabbard Farms stock. I've never shipped live birds before, so I would prefer local pickup. I will drive a reasonable distance to meet you if necessary.

I'm pretty sure I have 2 cockerals, so if you want both, let me know. I was going to hold onto the other one until I'm sure of gender.

Eggs he hatched out of:

And this is him:
I have 4 BCM pullets that I would love to hook up with a Gabbard farms BCM cockeral.

FREE too, OMG ! ! !

Too bad you are in Ca. and I am in FL.
I'm just guessing by comb development. This bird has a lot more comb than my other 2. I also posted pics in the gender section and all thought he was a roo.
ahhh don't tempt me!!!!! I want olive eggers in the future and this is just what I need!!! I'm sure my BF wont notice 1 more chick in the growing pen!!!
I hatched out 1 BCM but out of 15 chicks I have no clue which one it is
!!! but holly cow the eggs weren't that dark!!!!
I already have someone who wants him. She PM'd me the day I listed him. Arranging delivery now. I'm going to keep the other chick until I'm sure.
I have an olive egger (from Ruth's eggs - her eggs are so gorgeous). If "she" (I really really really want her to be a she) turns out to be a "he" and I decide to get rid of him, I can let you know.

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