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    Jul 24, 2010
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    The longstanding amicable relationships between the roosters in our barnyard ended yesterday when our bantam Cochin "Bob" challenged on of our 17 lb. Jersey Giants to a duel. Bob may have definitely lost the battle, but he doesn't believe he has lost the war. Because I would prefer not to come home to a chicken homicide, Bob must find a new home. He is looking for a pet home, as with his size and age I am sure he would be the furthest thing from delicious.

    I bought Bob four years ago as a chick, thinking he would feather out to be a partridge. His color is really interesting and I think he is either a very poor representation of a birchen or an actual brassyback. I don't know that brassyback is even recognized by the APA as a Cochin color, so either way I would not recommend him as a show bird.

    I'm sure Bob would not mind just being a pretty lawn ornament, but with some treats, I think Bob would be great for someone that has kids that visit and want a "tame" chicken. He has had some handling as he was shown in the county fair three years ago, but he's not particularly outgoing or easy to catch. In true Cochin nature, he is very gentle and calm once caught and actually visited a class of autistic children during their "Farm Day". He spent about 4 hours being petted, held, and oohed and aahed over like it was his job!

    The Jersey Giant did quite a number on his comb a wattles, so I would like to keep him for a week or two to make sure they heal up. He is free to a good home, and we may be able to deliver him depending on the location.

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