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    Aug 4, 2010
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    I am offering my Black Australorp (Lyle) to a good home for free. He is 2 years old and a proven sire. I have several of his chicks on hand. The last batch of 7 chicks were ALL pullets! He is an excellent rooster! He is gentle on the ladies, virile and healthy. He has kept up to 20 ladies well fertilized and none of them had missing feathers. He has been allowed to breed my tiny silkie hen and has been kept with a variety of other fowl including ducks and guineas. He crows in the morning and occasionally throughout the day but he is not annoying or repetitive. I am THRILLED with the job he does protecting my flock. He even went after a dog which had gotten one of my hens.

    We're wanting to find him a new home because he is occasionally a jerk. He has attacked me and my family members a few times - usually when we move into his space. My 4-year-old daughter unthinkingly ran toward him and he went after her. She'll not play outside anymore. she's too afraid. He is good 90% of the time, but he is my first rooster and I am a bit afraid of him. He knows it. We usually keep his spurs dremeled so he can't hurt anyone, but I'm still afraid even though he doesn't cause much harm without them! What can I say, I'm chicken!

    I really love Lyle, and would prefer to let him be someone else's flock protector. If I have to, I will let him go to the stew pot but I don't want to be the one to do it!

    No shipping. Local pick-up only.

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