Free Black East Indies drakes-Ohio

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15 Years
Aug 3, 2007
Oberlin, OH
I need to learn how to sex ducklings. I hatched 10 ducklings for myself and only got three females out of the bunch. So now I have seven Black East Indies drakes that need a new homes. They are three months old now and they are free to anyone willing to pick them up. Sorry I cannot ship. No females available. I live in Northern Ohio. E-mail or PM me if interested.
I just picked up 4 of these, and WOW. Not only great people to deal with, there animals are given the best of the best!!!

These are my 1st BEI ducks, they are a little skidish with me right now, but after a few min of talking and petting them they cool right down.
I brought them home and kept them in a small cage and put that in the big pen with the rest of the ducks and they all seemed friendly and didnt make much noise. I opened the door on the BEI kennel and they walked right out and jumped right in the pond....its been bliss since.

Yeah I hope!!!

Hopefully you can allow me to be an egg tester this spring, Ill make the drive!
Especially if I can test a few Mandarin eggs too, lol.

Once again Thanks alot!
dang. i never seen a duck that color. will the color change at all as the duck matures?
also, these are like show ducks? or are they to be found naturally in your area?

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