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  1. Poultrycrazy mom

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    Nov 1, 2011
    Columbiaville, MI
    Up for sale is a 1 year old black silkie rooster. I have no need for him and i really need to get rid of him bfor winter! He has shown no aggression towards humans, except he doesnt like to be held that much...

    I would call him pet quality/ breeder quality, he has very black feet and correct toes. When paired with nice hens he makes EXCELLENT babies!!! I got a SQ hen and rooster from him wich is why i am selling him.

    Great with hens and LOVES babies, he will let them crawl allll over him and he doesnt care

    Please pm me if you are interested, i live in Columbiaville MI, i can take him to Lapeer if its closer to you.

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  2. chickenlover237

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    Are you still trying to get rid of him? I live in fernandina beach Florida I would just have to consult my dad though! LOL

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