Free Buff Laced Polish Roo - Central Maine

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    Jan 10, 2010
    Vacationland, Maine
    Pick up/meet me only, will not ship. Also willing to bring him to the TSC swap in Augusta on Sunday.

    He will be 15 weeks old tomorrow (Friday 07.30). He has been crowing since around week 10 and still doesn't have it down right (I do have a video if interested). He is attempting to mate some of my hens but alas, isn't very good at that either. He's not mean but he's certainly not cute and cuddly either. We have mutual contempt for each other and try to stay out of each others way. He's also a space cadet and jumpy but that's probably due to his crest.

    He is my Murray-McMurray Hatchery free rare chick. I have since decided I vehemently dislike polish. Please PM me if interested and willing to supply a good home for him. Thanks.

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